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   Why & Sound Reasoning Why People Attend
All Day Church Online Internet Personal Worship Services:

    • If you can not leave your home or work setting
      for So Many Practical and Realistic Reasons and
      God Given Responsibilities that Must be Honored.

    • Some People, very simply, must work on Sunday.

    • Some Folks are Ill, Homebound, in a Hospital
      or Recovery due to An Operation, Disability or Disease.

    • Some of US are living permanently or temporarily in a part
      of this world where there is no church or services nearby.

    • Some People Need An Online, Small Group, House Church. 

    • Our Armed Forces are Stationed in Countries Worldwide!

    • Men and Women are Imprisoned All Over God's Earth.

    • Some People are very busy doing good works for
      others and Sunday is One of Their Busiest Days.

    • If your time is limited and your schedule is full.

    • If you need or want to attend a Church Service at a
      different day or time than traditional Sunday Mornings.

    • If you are temporarily assigned, stationed or working
      away from your home, business or in Another Country.

    • If you simply prefer communicating by Telephone or PC.

    • If you need a Church that will be there for you whenever
      you need it and free to visit or worship or use our services.

    • If you live in Any Part of The World and Really Like
      the Idea of being involved with Something New:
      An Online International Missionary Personal Church.

    • OR:

    • Persecuted Brothers and Sisters and Families of Martyrs!!!
      Attend Church Here, Or in One of Our Worldwide Online
      Internet Churches in Your Country, When You are Able,
      Alone or in Groups, and Read through Our Worship Services, Multi-Language Bibles, Music, Pray and Receive Communion. You Can Practice Your Beliefs & Remain Strong in Your Faithfulness to God, Our Father, Jesus Christ, His Son & Our Lord & Living Saviour &
      The Holy Spirit.
      Yes to All of You, Who Live in Countries Where Attending
      Christian Church Service Alone or Together is Against the Law, or if You're Imprisoned, Hurt, Abused or Persecuted for Your Beliefs & Christian Practices: Our Hearts Are with You All. Be Strong. Be Careful. Be Wise. God Loves Your Devotion to Him & Faithfulness in Spite of All Your Suffering. We Love You. You Will Be Rewarded Greatly. You Can Attend Church Here, Read & Study the Bible, Pray & Send Us Prayer Requests 24 Hours Daily.



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